Sunday, September 20, 2009


Little A crawled today for the first time. She got up on her hands and knees and would scootch scootch scootch her little knees forward until they were nearly touching her hands, then she would obviously draw on some well of energy and rear back and throw her little hands forward 6 inches or so, then scootch scootch scootch....

What a difference in my two girls though. M got up on her hands and knees and just trembled, obviously using all her strength just in the effort to stay in that position. She was 10 months old. Little A had no trouble keeping herself in the hands and knees position, she was solid as a rock. Of course, she is SEVENTEEN months old (almost), and most of her peers are running by now. Damn right she should have the strength to support her body weight.

I'm so proud of her though. About 6 months ago a therapist "reassured" me by telling me that A would definitely be walking by the time she was 5 years old. Um...thanks. Now I'm pretty sure she'll be walking by the time she's 2. She really got motivated after running into Drew at baby class. He's one week older than she is, and he was tearing around the room on his little legs faster than my 3 year old. A seemed both intruigued and possibly a bit jealous. Now, Drew can't speak in sentences (A said "I love you I love you I love you Daddy" today as the husband worked on the lawn outside her window.) But man that boy could move. After spending an hour with him, A really seemed a lot wigglier and more experimental.

M's birthday is on Tuesday. That means pacifiers go away. We're going to put them in a nice bag for the tooth fairy to pick up Monday night after M goes to bed. To find out what the tooth fairy does with them after that, you'll need to read my middle-grade fiction The Tooth Fairy's Assistant. Once it's done. And after I get an agent. know, all the rest of that stuff.

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