Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Think I'm Where the Cool Kids Hang Out

So I had a blog on myspace, and I finally realized that myspace was pretty much a hangout for 15 year olds, pedophiles, and unsuccessful rock bands. So I've researched the blogosphere, and this appears to be where the cool bloggers hang out. Now I am one of you.

I started the blog on myspace so that I could remember some of the things that happen in my life (I have a horrible memory) so I don't want to lose my entries entirely. Maybe from time to time I will copy and paste an old myspace entry here, making myself seem fresh and full of tons of things to say. Is it okay to self plagarize like that?

My goodness, I certainly do like the font better in this program. And I thought my husband was a total dork for being so in love with fonts. Move over spousy, there's a new sherriff in town.

Now that my older daughter M is in preschool, I have this teeny, tiny urge (originating from the part of me that is clearly clinically insane) to have another child. We can't, unless the husband grows some tubes back, but it's not like that's never happened. (One in 10,000 chance I believe it is.) Having another child would be a nightmare, truly it would, I'm perfectly pleased with the ones I have and I don't really want one more. Except for a very, very, little, insane part of me. That's probably nature's way of keeping the species going.

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