Sunday, October 11, 2009

Her Tastes are Just a Bit More Eclectic

I always play my children kids music. The wildest I've ever gotten with them is ABBA. Not because I believe in censorship or anything. It just never occurred to me that they might like something else. Kids music is kids music for a reason, right?

So I come downstairs yesterday morning, I've got the baby on my hip, and I round the corner to the kitchen to see my three year old standing on a chair at the kitchen island with her daddy, helping him cook, and totally rocking out to "All Wound Up" by the Circle Jerks. She's bouncing her little knees and shaking her little booty like I've never seen. Laurie Berkener's got nothing on Keith Morris. Nothing.

Apparently the spouse had the music on shuffle, because the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were up next, followed by So Fresh So Clean by Outkast. M loved it all. Usually when I have music on she asks me to turn it off within a few songs. I guess I just wasn't playing what she wanted to hear. Ai yi yi.

Cue the Dead Milkmen: Just you and me, eating fudge banana swirl, just you and me punk rock girl.

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  1. My younger ones like whatever the older one listens to since she drowns their ears in it all the time:D