Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rules! Rules! Rules!!! I love rules!!!

I've been spending the day alternately:

1. Working
2. Writing entries for the #GhostsOfBelfast contest on Twitter
3. Coming up with movie mash-ups for the Moonrat contest

It's this last one that I have been thinking about the most. I love refreshing my browser to see all the new entries. I started submitting mine one at a time, as soon as I thought of them, rather than compiling a list, because everyone else's entries were so hysterical that I didn't want anyone else to preempt my vision.

I am unsure of the proper format. Can you just mash titles together at any point, like I did with my first entry How Stella Got the Passion of the Christ? How Stella Got Her Groove Back is the full title of the first part of my mash-up, but it worked better (obviously) to do what I did. I think this is the least proper form of the mash-up, because it takes a lot less thought to come up with these, and you would probably never see them on a marquee this way.

So the next option is to make each mash-up share one word. It must be the last word in title #1 and the first word in title #2, such as my entry Bring It On Golden Pond, a combination of Bring It On and On Golden Pond. But again, would this be the most likely movie marquee combination? No. Our first example by Moonrat was Twelve Monkeys Waiting to Exhale. That is two complete titles, when read together. Going by my previous format, the title would have been Twelve Monkeys to Exhale or something like that, where the first title was Twelve Monkeys and the second title was Monkeys to Exhale. So I believe this form of contest entry, while enjoyable, also does not meet the necessary criteria.

So I have come up with what I believe are my masterpieces, in what I believe is the correct form:

Back to the Future Of Human Bondage
You Got Served My Dinner With Andre
Run Lola Run Scream Godzilla (Three in one!!)
What's the Worst That Could Happen? Love Actually

and, my personal favorite:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre It Could Happen to You

I laughed so hard over that one I cried. I tried to explain why I was literally in tears to a passing nurse. It lost so much in the translation. I guess you had to be there.

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