Friday, October 16, 2009

We Finally Had a Nice Day Today

I absolutely refused to let my older daughter's screaming and yelling get to me today, and when I ignored it and/or just talked calmly to her she de-escalated pretty quickly.

I wrote last night and am up over 2K words in my WIP. I know that's not a huge number, but its really exciting for me, since I have been so bogged down in the agent search. I basically stopped writing while I was researching agents, and even though I had a ton of ideas I did nothing to pursue them.

I'm going to try to write 1000 words every night, exhausted or not, and not worry so much about agents and crap like that. I've got a full and 2 partials out there, and I'll see what happens. I'm tired of obsessing over it. I still check my emails all the time to see about responses, but I'm not spending every available minute researching more agents or tweaking my query letter or reading agent blogs etc. etc. etc.

I feel good about this.

The girls and I had a lovely day. M and A made each other laugh all afternoon. M kept asking what A's favorite number was, and A would answer "Guy." This cracked M up. (A's 18 months old and doesn't quite get the whole favorite number concept, but she does get the idea of making her sister laugh.) A also made me laugh today by changing the words to the alphabet song. She sings the whole thing, you know, A B C D E F G... When she gets to the end, she goes W, X, Y and Mommy! I laughed so much that she won't sing it any other way now.

Two things I said to the girls today. To M: "I'm sorry, I can't control the rotation of the earth." She wanted to know why it was dark outside, and once I told her why it was dark, she wanted me to fix it. To A: "You can't get poopy on a song." This was after I told her she couldn't hold her doll while I changed her diaper. I said we could sing a song instead. She protested and wanted to know why she could get a song but not her doll. That was my response.

I'm watching Family Guy right now. I freaking love that show.


  1. 1000K is fantastic! Are you kidding? I haven't put pen to paper in so long, I think I may have actually forgotten how to craft a story.

    Your kids sound adorable.

  2. I sure wish I had a "ton" of ideas. Hell, I wish I had one... 1K/night is a fine pace. In 2-3 months you'll have a book.

  3. Travener,
    Do you have friends to do a "brainstorming" session with? I hear that helps. I've never been so fortunate, but I've heard of it. I hope it's not one of those urban legends.

  4. Thanks Tina Lynn, they are mostly adorable, unless they've been screaming for 6 hours straight. Not that that's happening, like, right now or anything. :)

    Travener, what is your genre, if you don't mind my asking. If its a different genre, I'll give you one of my story ideas, since if you're mystery or thriller or something it would be a totally different book anyway. Then, that will give you something to get you started, and if it sucks, then you have no one to blame but me! ;)