Monday, November 30, 2009

No News on the Writing Front, Well, Maybe a Little

I always type my title first for my blog posts, and it was going to be titled No News on the Writing Front, but then I remembered something that was slightly newsworthy, so I tacked on a few more words.

It's funny, all my work starts with a title, EXCEPT for the novel I am shopping around right now. I never had a title for that one, until my best friend suggested it after being my first beta reader.

And that leads me to my tiny little item of note. I now have a THIRD work in progress. I came up with the title out of the blue a while ago, and now I can't stop building the story in my mind. So there you go. Two YA novels in progress, one very edgy, one edgy-ish, but not nearly as much as the first, and a middle grade novel. And all have titles, but very little else. The very edgy one is a title and a brief synopsis. The less edgy one has a title and 8,000 words. The middle grade novel has a title and 1,200 words. Can one actually write three different works at once without ending up with three crappy pieces of know? What do you think?

On the home front, I came home from work last night to find that my husband had decorated the house for the holidays. The bannisters had green ribbon and white lights wrapped around them all the way down, and red velvet bows here and there. Our living room has a nine foot tree all decked out in lights. It was absolutely beautiful. I was so pleased with my husband. He hit it out of the park again. He's really a lovely person. If it were all up to me, nothing would ever get decorated and we would live in a pit, I kid you not. But he's really motivated about most things, and I can always count on him to do things right. I'm really happy.

The girls were beside themselves when they saw the decorations. I told them we'd have to take them down after New Year's, but that we got to enjoy them for a month, and to thank Daddy when he gets home.

Something creepy: Four police officers were shot dead, ambush style, yesterday in a town south of Tacoma. The suspect was supposedly holed up in the Leschi neighborhood (a neighborhood I find myself in at least twice a week) but after an hours long standoff the cops found that he had escaped. When I got off work last night I was inordinately freaked out walking to my car. I felt like I was being watched the whole time, but there were other people walking to their cars so I just basically sprinted to mine and took off. Then I read about this story, and an update says the dude was spotted AT MY WORK this morning at 7:00 AM, and he GOT AWAY AGAIN. Apparently he was shot during his ambush of the cops and they think he's trying to get medical care. Here's what I would do if I was him: wait for someone in scrubs to come out to the parking garage alone, then snatch them and make them fix up my wounds, and then, you know, who knows what after that. I wonder if he was lurking around all night last night, waiting for an opportunity. So freaky. I bet I could write a book about that. But I won't. It's SO not my genre.


  1. The Plan was surprisingly interesting -- all that backstory on Cavil. I also watched Caprica and it was pretty good, too. Did you know Adama is Tauron by ethnicity?

    I could never write three works at once. I have trouble enough writing one. But Dickens did it, if that's any comfort.

  2. I think that you can write them all : )

  3. Travener- I didn't know Caprica was out! Is it on DVD? I've been waiting for it on TV, but I thought it wasn't coming until January? I loved that scene at the end where the two Cavils were about to go out the airlock. I remember that scene from the series, and it was really interesting to hear their conversation!

    Ash. Thank you!! I am going to try. Every night, I go to bed with my head swimming with a different scene or conversation from one of the 3 works. It's exhausting, all those babbling characters in my head won't let me sleep!!

  4. I can't imagine working on three W'sIP at once... you are brave!

    In other news, did you stop following me? Someone did, and I think it might have been you.

    If so, what can I do to win back your affections?! :)

  5. Hey Amber, No way, I totally still follow you. I love your blog.

  6. Yes, Caprica's on DVD. I get everything from Netflix. I watched the entire series while riding my stationary bike.

  7. I didn't know Caprica was out on DVD. I'm like you, I thought it was starting in January. Oh, how I miss BG!

    You have three WIP's? I am in awe:)

  8. You can totally do three. No problem. In fact, I hear it's best to always have more than one, because when the well runs dry on one, you still have others stewing. My problem is keeping the voice from each individual novel from sounding the same. Sometimes it's just the same voice with a different story. Ugh.

  9. I loved Battlestar Galactica. And I'm not a crazy sci-fi person or anything. It was just like, the most awesome show ever. Literally, my husband and I only keep our cable so that we can watch that show and/or its spinoffs. We live close enough to the city that we get the network channels just fine with rabbit ears, but we can't get SciFi that way (or SyFy I guess it is now).

    Tina, I'm worried about voice mixing with this many in progress. The YA that I just started is very VERY edgy. (You'll see, whenever we get around to that book, you know, post-Blink) and if I got that voice mixed up with my middle grade novel, I would be in a world of hurt!

  10. Good! I'm glad you still follow.

    Frak. I want to figure out who unfollowed me. Actually, I'll just let it go. They are dead to me now. DEAD to me!