Friday, November 20, 2009

Where was I in June?

Still working on my MS, that's where. But that's when the agent that I'm currently most excited about apparently went on a signing FRENZY. I scrolled through Absolute Write (if you haven't heard of that website, go check them out RIGHT NOW) and she apparently signed at least 2 people and offered incredibly detailed feedback on countless other author's works during the months of May and June.

I queried her on Friday October 30th and got a request for a 30 page partial on November 2nd. I haven't heard anything since. Now, if this were June, I would have had my full requested on November 3rd and been signed on the 5th, with my manuscript sold at auction by the end of the month. (Not kidding, that happened to one person.) Or she would have rejected me, but speedily, and with great handwritten feedback.

But she seems to have slowed her pace. I can't say I blame her, that's freaky fast, and it looks like at least one of her clients is generating a lot of buzz - and therefore probably a lot of work - so I'm sure she's not got the kind of time that she used to have.

But, and I say this in my whiniest of voices - where was I???? Still writing the damn thing, that's where. I didn't finish it until the very end of July. Stupid work, keeping me so busy that I couldn't finish 2 months earlier. No, wait. I didn't find her until the end of October. Which means I found her name 3 months after I finished getting my text down. So I would have had to have finished in March. I probably coulda done that. Stupid work, keeping me so busy.


  1. I hate it when work gets in the way. But, I gotta feed the babies:)

  2. I know, I worked full-time until the end of May. Now I have other excuses for not getting finished. Oh, well, maybe she's just bogged down with her new clients. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you:)

  3. Look at it this way: at least she signs people up!