Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Read this Blog and Enter this Contest!

Hi all,

Just read a guest blog from Joanna Stampfel-Volpe over here: It was really lovely. I like when agents remind us that they are people too. I swear, I'm not a crazy stalker. I'M NOT!!!

There's a contest involved too. If you post a comment with your favorite genres then you're entered to win a bunch of books and a query critique from Ms. Stampfel-Volpe herself. I hear she's an awesome critiquer, so this prize is kind of, um, awesome.

Go enter!!!


  1. She already critiqued my query by giving it a form rejection!

  2. Silly Travener, that's not a query critique!

    Penny, Thanks for the linkage, my friend.

  3. Okay, heading over there now:)

  4. Travener, but don't you want to know why??? Maybe if you guys get a dialogue going, she'll say "I form rejected?!? You're kidding! Send me your full now!!!"