Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Like Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

I became aware of two things today, and in a quirky way, they are kind of related.

1. On Janet Reid's blog, there is a link to a story about a woman who wore the same little brown dress every day for a year. Because I am a serial blog skimmer, I failed to notice the part where Janet clearly states that the story is three years old. The part that did sink in had me interested enough to click on the story, so I did, and lo and behold, there is Alex Martin, my friend Freya's girlfriend. (Freya and I used to work together and our kids went to the same school.)

Anyway! I'm watching the whole story, and I see pictures of Alex with a baby, and I'm like, OMG! Did they have another kid? How did I not know about this? (Freya is incredibly tiny, and a pregnancy on her is like taping a basketball to a toothpick.) Then I see Freya walk out onstage to give Alex a cake with a baby on her back and I'm like, what the hell? Who is that kid? And wait a minute...why have I never seen Alex wear that dress. Um...duh. Read the first sentence of the blog dumbass!


2. One of my oldest, dearest friends (we even share the same birthday) is the newest Snuggie model. She just got the job.

There is a story in here somewhere, just begging to be written. But I am not the one to tell it. I write YA and middle grade. Someone please run with this.

I can't wait to tell Alex that I heard about this story, and where I heard about it! :)


  1. Now, get the baby lost in the Snuggie and some ensuing hijinks and you've really got a story!

  2. I've always wondered about models on packaging for things like the Snuggie or Turtle Wax or ExLax. We used to get a catalogue of industrial products (no idea why) and the models in that catalogue -- wow. They modeled hip wader boots, fire retardant gloves, and stuff you'd wear to remove asbestos. I figured they must have been the ones who flunked out of Barbizon modeling school or something. But now I know I should have respect for them because they're somebody's best friend.:)

  3. Sorry for the random post, but had to pop by and say that i thought your entry for NB contest was brilliant!!! Best of luck, i'm sure you'll get placed :)

  4. KLM: You're cracking me up! My friend is addicted to trying out for things...Jeopardy, a local professional football cheerleading squad, and apparently, Snuggie modeling. The first two didn't work out, but I guess you have to hit the jackpot sometimes! :)

    Emily: I'm so thrilled to know that someone else liked my writing. (You know, someone who's not required to, like my mom or my husband.) You have really made my day, thank you so much.