Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Wonder

Wow. I just literally spent all freakin day reading and critiquing the 60-some entries in the Secret Agent contest on Miss Snark's First Victim.

I didn't post comments on all of them. Just the ones that particularly grabbed me for one reason or another. (Either in a "you totally hooked me" type way or a "you didn't hook me and here's why" type way.) If I wasn't hooked and it was just a matter of personal taste and/or I really couldn't put my finger on why, I refrained from commenting.

And. It. Took. Me. All. Day.

No wonder agents don't provide feedback on queries, let alone rejected partials. Seriously. I never expected query feedback and I have come to accept that I will receive no partial feedback unless the agent is really really really nice or is having some sort of a wildly slow day, but I didn't truly get why. Until today.

That took for-frakking-ever. I sure did enjoy it though. Here's hoping for me!!! There's an awful lot of good stuff out there though, so I could see how mine could get overlooked. You never know. Maybe it will speak to the agent in just the right way. There were certainly entries that got raves from all the commenters that got a "meh" (and therefore a no comment at all) from me. I guess there were one or two that I liked that I would have commented on, but everyone else had already hit the salient points, so rethinking it, if I didn't comment it didn't necessarily mean "meh" but most of the time it did.

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  1. I read those once and stopped after about a dozen. Most of them were pretty crappy, I thought, but there were a few good ones. I left some snide comments, as usual. They're probably happy I don't have time for it anymore.