Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nano Wrap-O

Well, I did not win Nanawrimo. But *I'm* still a winner in my book.

My WIP is hovering right around 34,000 words and I know exactly what I need to write to tell the rest of the story. I'm very, very (yes that's two adverbs in a row, count them, two!) pleased with my progress.

So thank you Nanowrimo for giving me the kick to write faster and more often. I may not have won you, but *you won me.*


I did donate 25 bucks, as evidence of my gratefulness. And seriously, those websites and servers don't pay for themselves.

My critique partner is wonderful as always, and has excellent editorial advice, but I don't really think she likes edgy YA all that much, which is what this WIP is. Hannah Moskowitz, would you like to beta read for me? ha ha ha ha...wouldn't that be nice? But seriously, I know my CP likes the main character, and the overall book...I truly believe her when she says she enjoys reading it, but I think that a lot of it gives her the creepy crawlies. She didn't like Hunger Games because Katniss was too mean to Peeta. My characters are WAY meaner than Katniss. (Though she kicks more ass, by far. No one dies in my book....yet.)

So if anyone out there has any desire or knows anyone who likes/would like to read an edgy YA WIP, let me know. I'd love to get a second opinion from someone who likes that subset of the genre.

But anyway. Nano-Wrap-O. It was great. I hope to be feelin it next year. Hopefully next year my daughter will not choose November to have pneumonia followed by an ear infection followed by an allergic reaction to the medicine used to treat the ear infection. Oh, and those days off preschool, because of the snow? Not cool, God. Not cool. Having to cook Thanksgiving dinner twice because everyone got snowed in the first time? Also not a big fan of that. Maybe if we try not to do that again next year, I WILL hit that 50K.

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