Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Soon is too Soon?

I just finished my middle grade novel, and I'm itching to start another project. I have an idea in mind, and I've been tossing it around in my head for a few days, thinking I really should start writing some of this down before I lose the muse. (I normally never talk about the muse, because I think it is a silly cliche, but I really liked the way "lose" and "muse" rhymed, so I went for it. Get over it.)

I've edited TTFA three times, and about the only thing I wish I could do at this point is come up with a better title. Damn you, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson! I'm thrilled for your crossover success from wrestling to movies, but dude. You made my title way less fun than it was back in November when I first came up with the idea.

So anyway. I have an idea for a very dark contemporary YA, and another idea for a dystopian somewhat sci-fi-y YA. Of course, I have a sequel for my first novel (which I probably won't write until I fix the first one) and sequel ideas for TTFA, which I probably shouldn't write until I see how the agent quest goes. TTFA stands alone nicely on its own, but I already have two other adventure ideas for my characters. I've got them jotted down so I won't forget anything, but it's probably a good idea to start something completely fresh.

I really liked the idea of a historical YA, and thought about setting something during the early days of Hollywood, or during the California gold rush, but I don't know. While I like the *idea* I don't have a character in mind, like I do for my dark YA or my dystopian YA. I see those girls in my head already and can hear them talk. (But they're not telling me to do things. They're telling me about things they've done and they want me to write them down. Gah!)

Is it too soon to start a new project? I just finished edit number 3 on TTFA and feel it's about as good as it can get. Should I take a break?

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