Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blogs I'm enjoying

I've found several new blogs lately that I'm enjoying, and I also wanted to post links to some of my old tried and true favs. This blog I found through a contest they're currently running, and the content is great. Here is a link to the contest: I also really enjoy the Mother.Write.Repeat blog. The hostess is very nice and her interviews with agents are great: Kat Zhang's blog is always full of good info: Literary Rambles is a wealth of info: There are dozens more that I could post, but these are just a few that came to mind. I hope you find great info for your own writing journey at these blogs!


  1. I read your post on YAtopia and decided to check out your blog. Your WIP sounds awesome :)

  2. Thanks Juliana!! It's amazing how many talented people there are out there! It must be hard to be an agent!! :)

  3. Hi! You requested a query critique on my "Q" day giveaway, and I am offering them to anyone who asked. My email is on my bio. You can go ahead and send me your query if you want.

    Jennifer Hoffine
    YA Audiobook Addict