Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Query Hiatus

I heard today that Colleen Lindsay of FinePrint Literary has reopened to queries, so if you're feelin' it, you should send her an email.

You would think I would be all excited, since she's a really good agent (so they say) but I realized today that I need to go on a query hiatus. I thought I was done revising Blink, but I'm not. The feedback I got from that agent about showing versus telling is still rattling around in my head. Yes, it totally did sound like a form response, but I think there is truth in it, whether it is form or not. YES, I thought I had revised the manuscript to within an inch of its life, but when I step back and look at my character's relationships and the way they meet and everything, there's a better way to do it, and I can get it done in fewer pages with far less backstory. I can also add more tension in my MC's relationship with her aunt (who has custody) and I know how to do it.

And I'm going to. It has been somewhat difficult to come to grips with the fact that I am not done with this yet even after the third revision. That it's not just a "taste" thing with the agents who are rejecting, but rather it's the fault of the manuscript. I haven't even had a request for a full. That's saying something right there. (I envy all you people who have had full requests. That must feel amazing.)

So anyway! I know what I need to do to fix it, and I will. I want to work on my MG WIP more right now though, so revision #4 to the YA will have to take a backseat. The story is going to undergo such a major operation that I'm sure there will be a revision #5 just to fix problems with numero quatro. I'm planning it in my head so that the words will explode onto the page whenever I decide to pull the trigger.

So I'm not querying Blink right now, and it feels weird, especially when a big name agent reopens herself to queries. But it's not the right time. I would just be rejected, and let's face it, rejection hurts. If I'm lucky, she'll still be open to new queries in six months or so when my middle grade novel is complete AND Blink is up to snuff and then BAM! BAM! The one-two query punch!

My middle grade is at 16,000+ words and I have moved my character just where I want him. I'm not quite halfway there...I probably have about 25K more words to go to really do this justice. [cue Ride of the Valkryies, picture me charging into battle, armed only with my pen. I've written the word Love on my pen, to make it mightier than the sword, so I'll be OK.]


  1. That's the attitude. BTW, I've never had a full request based on a partial. My fulls have just been based on a query. It would do my ego some damn good if a partial of mine prompted a request for the whole thing. Then at least I would know that what I've written is at least a bit interesting. For people other than me, my relatives and friends, that is. You know, the people who count.

    Good luck with your revising.